• Fear of Public Speaking

    What is Fear of Public Speaking?

    Fear of public speaking is a very common problem. In fact, it’s one of the top fears in America. Fear of public speaking affects 74% or more of the population and creates anxiety that can be immobilizing. Both established and up-and-coming executives and professionals are expected to prepare and deliver effective public presentations. Many wait until this fear is about to have a difficult effect on their career before getting help.

    The symptoms of public speaking fear often begin before the public speaking event or performance. It’s common for people to begin experiencing anxiety the moment they are tasked with a public appearance.

    Symptoms can include: An ongoing state of worry about the event, Disrupted sleep, Headaches, Stomach distress, Preoccupation with potential failure, Avoiding necessary preparation, Anxiety can start as soon as a speech is scheduled and up to the time of the event. At the start of the event, anxiety can become panic and words could be lost.

    As Anxiety intensifies, symptoms often include: A state of real terror, Shaking or cracking voice, Pounding heart, Excessive sweating, Twisting stomach, Tunnel vision, little to no recollection of the contents of the speech.

    How Can You Address your fear of public speaking?

    EMDR tools and techniques address The Fear of Public Speaking. We can then access the capability to manage anxiety while presenting. EMDR and Mindful techniques can and have produced effective management of the Fear of Public Speaking.