• Speaking Engagements

    It would be a pleasure to speak to your group about ADHD, EMDR, Stress Management, Mindfulness, Resiliency, and Compassion.

    Notable Speaking Engagements

    During the pandemic, in both July & August 2020, I presented to the Mental Health Association of Nassau County. A introductory review of EMDR was discussed. EMDRIA material was shared to convey the definition and process of EMDR. Resources for becoming trained in EMDR was shared. In 2019, I presented at the Regional Meetings for EMDR Therapists on Long Island. My work on small t traumas and A.D.H.D. was discussed. Several resources and tools were offered to support EMDR processing for individuals with A.D.H.D.


    In 2018, I was the keynote speaker in Osaka, Japan. My presentation focused on how Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Parent Training, EMDR, and Social Skills. Mindfulness Groups cumulatively has been helping clients with A.D.H.D. to improve their compliance, attention, concentration, emotional modulation, and adaptive behavior. In addition, this multi-modal approach assists parents and other care givers to develop the skills and strategies they needed to effectively manage a child with these symptoms.