• Telehealth

    I have been providing therapy & training through telephone and internet based video conference for over 5 years. I am trained and comfortable with meeting your telehealth needs during this challenging time.



    Telemental health is changing the way mental health services are delivered. Research has consistently proven its effectiveness in treating a vast array of mental health disorders with a variety of populations.


    Clients can have access to more options with telemental health. Geographical distance or location becomes far less of an issue. With relative ease, a client and clinician can connect electronically. Suddenly, the miles between them become a non-issue.


    We live in a busy world and not everyone who wants therapy can fit appointments into a snug 9-5 schedule. Job responsibilities, families, drive time to and from appointments and other time constraints can sometimes limit how and when someone is available. Clients and clinicians want flexibility to schedule appointments on a schedule that fits their respective needs. Telemental health allows clinicians to set a realistic, flexible schedule that increases their availability. Clients can choose a clinician who offers availability at times that meet their needs.


    Telemental health is convenient! Clients can access help when they want to, how they want to and choose a clinician who can meet those requirements. And, they can access help from wherever they are. With the internet being available almost anywhere now, being able to access help when and where you want it has never been easier.


    Being able to engage in therapy in the comfort of their home or other secure space can encourage use of services. Engaging online is comfortable for many people. People are increasingly turning to the internet for their emotional and psychological needs so the idea of getting help online is becoming more mainstream. Surveys have found that almost 80% of Americans use the internet to see mental health information. Telemental health fits right in with the practices people already engage in.